Quick Note

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Don’t forget! Just because you’re in a fleet with a friend, doesn’t mean you can accidentally trigger your smart bomb next to his drones.  While my intentions were good, CONCORD gave me the finger.

..i.. *booooom!*

Wrath II was born 🙂

Fly Safe


Round Two *Ding*

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I undocked from the station in Rens after buying a few more fittings for a new ship I have in the works and warped to Frarn to see if there were any jet-can miners.  I didn’t have much time for pirating today so one flip was all I had time for.  I went through the first few belts and found nothing but macro miners (maybe when my wallet grows fatter and my skills get beefed up some more, I’ll think about suicide ganking some of them to give my main’s mining and manufacturing corp a break).  Lucky for me, I found a Covetor  mining and dumping into a nearby can.  After a quick check of the pilot’s history, I moved in for the kill.

The Wrath quickly closed the gap and I settled into a nice orbit around the barge.  I jettisoned a can and *flip* the trap was set.  He continued to mine and an accomplice I had missed in my eagerness, also mining in the belt, warped away to the station.  I decided to stick around to see what showed up, all the while sitting aligned to the station.  Preparing myself for some quick PvP, I adjusted myself in my chair and took a deep breath to calm myself.  None of this was necessary as an Iteron III warps to my can.  I set my ship to orbit around the hauler and patiently waited.  To my surprise, he took the ore in the can.  I quickly targeted, tackled, and started my groups of lasers.  First attempts and negotiations failed as the conversation invite was denied.  Looks like I’ll be getting another kill today.  After his ship was half way through armor, I tried again, this time with a response.  I proposed a ransom and a moment later, got a reply, “why would I pay that much for this ship?”  First of all, there are plenty of reasons for offering a high ransom.  Not only do you have to add in the base price of the ship, but a lot of haulers have expensive rigs and fittings.  Either I’ve been fitting my haulers wrong the past year, or this pilot who was supposedly three years old, was still pretty new to the game.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time for further discussions on ship fittings, and watched the fireworks show as the ship exploded in space.  Digging through the remains I lucked out and got a snowball launcher and some snowballs!  These little gifts came out for Christmas 2005, much like the Zephyr did in 2009.  My first character had a snowball launcher, so this is sitting in the corner of my hanger for nostalgia’s sake.

I grabbed the other items that dropped and filled my cargo hold with all the ore I could fit, and warped to station. I docked and logged off still smiling about my treasure I picked up.  I can’t wait to see what I’ll get next.

The Birth of a Pirate

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When I started playing EvE, I was a carebear with a wannabe attitude.  I mined to my hearts content, sold the ore at the end of the day, and logged off knowing I made a little bit of ISK from an honest day’s work.  This was back in 2006.  But, because of work, I had to take a break. Two years later, I found my way back to EvE.  I started mining from the start, this time with more knowledge and know how from reading blogs and forums.  I was on a fast track to a retriever.  I got picked up by a small corp full of drunken Brits (I’m American, so when they really got to drinking, I couldn’t understand a damn thing).

After a few months, I picked up some light combat skills, but I never had a kill to call my own.  Once again, I had to take a small break, but this time for only six months.  My mining was getting better, I had a second account to mine and haul with, and the profits came in more than ever.  Though something kept poking me ever so softly in the back of the head….that empty kill mail tab.  It wasn’t until three years after playing the game did I get my first kill…and it was glorious.

It was just another roam in my Retribution Wrath, looking for cans to flip.  I had done one successfully a few days before, but the pilot paid the ransom like a good person should.  There is a whole crew aboard your ship that you need to think of, you know…but I digress.  There where two minnie cruisers mining and dumping their ore into a single can.  After a quick assessment of the situation, neither of their ships carried any sort of armament.  The hunter moves in and strikes.

To my amazement, they had a bit of salvage including an alloyed trit bar.  That alone made my day, but I was out for blood.  I took some of the higher selling ore and warped to station to unload the loot.  I did this a few times hoping one would get tired of my nibbling and retrieve a hauler, on the fourth time warping back, I dropped a bookmark roughly 20,000km off the belt coming back from the station.  When I landed in the belt, the can was being tractor beamed 20km above the belt.  How inconvenient and rude… My assault ship quickly caught up to the cruiser and he gave up.  I bookmarked the new jet can, took what I could, and warped back to station.  On my second trip, what did I see warp in before my eyes?? A Hoarder…a medium sized minnie hauler.  After dropping my small bit of loot, I quickly warped back to the can and saw the lumbering ship only made it half way to the can, and the other pilot had gotten into a Rifter and my heart began to race in anticipation for a fight.  I took some more ore, flipped the can, and warped to my safe spot.  I jettisoned the can and waited a few seconds for the hauler to get closer to my can.  I warped onto the grid ready to target and tackle…and made my first mistake.  Seems I took a few seconds too long and warped in long enough to see the hauler warping to a station along with the Rifter, now red.  Seems he had flipped part of my can and allowed the other to take most of the ore back.  I pondered my next move, and decided to spend the next 15 minutes outside their station, hoping the pilot flagged red would undock into my warp scrambler’s grasp-and he did.  In another Hoarder, he began drifting away from the station, and I targeted.  Scrambled, his ship banked heavily to the right and moved it’s way back to the station.  Not thinking clearly, I hastily asked for a ransom, but he docked, and with a smiling face, mocked me.  Wishing I could dock and get out of my ship for some hand to hand pvp, but I waited outside, hoping for another chance.  Minutes went buy, and I tried coaxing them out by saying I didn’t want the ore anymore.  A few more minutes went by and the second pilot that brought the hauler to the belt undocked and began aligning to the asteroid belt!  I sat there thinking there was no way I could have such luck.  I gave him a few seconds to warp to the can and I willed my ship into warp.  I jumped on grid just in time to see the can pop and the hauler was red.  I targeted and scrammed him, and let loose the lasers.  I sent a message to  his friend, saying the same deal goes for his now immobile friend.  The Hoarder’s armor sank quickly to 25%.  My wallet flashed and I saw it had grown one million ISK fatter.  Then I did something I never intended on doing…instead of turning off the guns and saying, “have a nice day!”, I turned on my smart bomb.  His armor disappeared and he went into structure.  I sat there as the ship exploded and the pilot warped off in his pod.  Looking in the wreck, there was some ore, and two Tech 2 cargo expanders.  They had caused me enough trouble and wasted my time.  I warped to the station, sold my loot, and flew home without regretting a thing.

Fly safe.